More about our the Managing Director, Country Head India – Sandeep Daga
September 1, 2020
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September 2, 2020

More on the Managing Director, C34 Collection – Rudolph de Kock

More on the Managing Director, C34 Collection – Rudolph de Kock

With the humble beginnings returning from Boca Raton, Florida working for Boca West Country Club for 18 months to working at Sun International, Grand West Casino. Starting as the F&B Duty Manager for the Golden Anchor 24/7 Restaurant on the Non Smoking gaming floor.

With vast interest and showing great potential the 1st promotion came after only 4 months as the internal auditor. With 3 years and 2 months of moving around and growing internally to becoming the Deputy General Manager of Administration for Headline Leisure Management (HLM) under Sun International, GWC.

Thereon forward some more interesting opportunities as the Production Chef and Senior Food and Beverage Controller National for Caviar – Group of Restaurants. Working with 44 chefs and catering for – and the Restaurant Nation Wide, Beluga and Sevruga. With functions such as the taste of Durban, Pretoria as well as the Top Gear function in 2012 in the Stadium in Durban, South Africa. With 13 years of experience, the Director of Development – Rudolph de Kock, has had the privilege of working in the industry in various different countries, as well as having formed part of the opening and setting up teams for several Hospitality Organizations. Which enable him to understand how the different sectors in a Hotel are relying on each other, and only as one TEAM will and can be successful. The Hospitality Industry is all about Luxury and taking care of your guests while they are visiting – should it be in your Hotel or even only for a meal. From rooming to catering, each unique sector of the hospitality servicing provided in each facility is to be tailored accordingly. As per the catering, prestige rooming and billing this is in order to ensure that each guest receives the value that they pay for and deserve.

With that being said, “we” as the Restaurant or Hotelier should provide over and above what our guests expect. We should not forget that the large part of the product being sold would depend on the service they receive. Should it be staying guests where housekeeping, butler, room service etc. plays the larger importance or, where then again, server or waiter experience, menu knowledge, silver service, happy service will be what a guest will return for.

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